Bible Battles | GILEAD 2 | Judges 10-11; Israel Defeats the Ammonites; Jephthah’s Daughter

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Bible Battle #23 – C. 1108 BC Jephthah was judge over Israel during a period when the people worshiped the pagan gods of the Ammonites and the Philistines. This left them open to attack by their enemies. As a means to vindicate his illegitimate origins, Jephthah demanded that he be made leader as a price to deliver the people from the clutches of … Read More

Bible Battles | ABIMELECH AGAINST GAAL | Judges 9; Abimelech 70 brothers; Jotham escapes; revolt in Shechem; Wars of the Judges

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Bible Battles Abimelech against Gaal

Bible Battle #22 – C. 1170 BC Judges 9 is an interlude from the regular flow of the Book of Judges during the full occupation of Canaan by the Israelites. Gideon’s decline to take up kingship created a vacuum exploited by Abimelech who, ambitious and bloodthirsty, led one of the first coup-D’etas depicted in the Bible. His ascension was only possible … Read More

Bible Battles | SPRING of HAROD | Judges 7; Gideon puts out a fleece; Gideon’s 300; defeats the Midianites

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Bible Battle #21 – C. 1208 BC Bible Battles. Spring of Harod, Gideon’s victory ended the Midianite Oppression over Israel. Gideon was bold, he asked God for a sign by putting out a fleece. He followed God and took command of a large force but God reduced it to only 300 soldiers. Gidon had faith in God and defeated the Midianites. … Read More

Bible Battles | KISHON RIVER| Judges 4; Deborah and Barak; Sisera; King Jabin of Hazor; tent peg

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Bible battles, Kishon River, Deborah and Barak, Sisera, King Jabin of Hazor, tent peg, Judges 4 spiritual warfare, bible history, kingdom of Israel, ancient Israel, Jewish history, military history, ancient warfare, ancient history, bible timeline, army of God

Bible Battle #20 – C. 1250 BC Bible Battles. Kishon River is where Deborah and Barak defeat Sisera commanding the Canaanites. This Bible battle in northern Canaan is another example of the Israelites striking the Canaanites before he struck them. The Judge of Israel Deborah places General Barak to defend the Israelites from King Jabin of Hazor and his chariots. Jabin … Read More

Bible Battles | SHAMGAR SLAYS THE PHILISTINES | Judges 3:31; Shamgar kills six hundred men with an ox goad

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Bible Battle #19 – C. 1300 BC Shamgar, son of Anath, was the third Judge of Israel. He delivered Israel from the Philistines by killing six hundred men with an ox goad. Although Scripture only devotes a single verse to this Bible battle, we can learn a surprising sum from it.   ANCIENT HISTORY before Shamgar and the Philistines Events in … Read More

Battle of EHUD AGAINST the MOABITES | Judges 3; Ehud slays King Eglon; Israel against Moabites Ammonites and Amalekites

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ancient maps, Bible history, military history, Bible battles, Army of God, EHUD AGAINST the MOABITES, Ehud slays Eglon, Judges 3

Bible Battle #18 – C. 1344 BC Ehud slayed King Eglon during the early wars of the Judges. Ehud delivered the people from Moabite oppression by first killing King Eglon and then defeating the Moabites Ammonites and Amalekites in battle. The conflict came because of sin, as the Israelites had mixed, again, with the pagan and their gods. ANCIENT HISTORY before … Read More

Battle of OTHNIEL AGAINST the EDOMITES | King Cushan-Rishathaim; Israel in servitude; Judges 3; Bible Battles

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ancient warfare, Bible battles, OTHNIEL AGAINST the EDOMITES, King Cushan-Rishathaim, Israel in servitude, Judges 3

Bible Battle #17 – C. 1398 BC   When King Cushan-Rishathaim of the Edomites attacked the Israelites, the Army of God did not put up a significant resistance. Consequently, they served the Edomites. While servitude was submissive defeat for the people of God, they were able to escape total destruction. Once the right leader arose from within they struck back. This … Read More

BOOK of JUDGES | Judges 3; Invasion of Canaan; Occupation of the Promised Land; Canaanite Oppression; Tribes of Israel

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Bible History – C. 1404-1062 BC   From the beginning, we have great leaders of the people such as Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and Joshua. After these role models are gone, Israel has 15 Judges in this historical account. These are caretakers of the people and the closest they have to political leaders. Nevertheless, the nation goes from conquest to compromise to … Read More

Campaigns for Occupation of Canaan | Judges 1-2; Occupation of the Promised Land; 12 Tribes lands; disobedience; Death of Joshua

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Bible Battle #16 – C. 1404 BC   The Book of Judges begins its narrative making it evident that the occupation of Canaan is still not complete. Initially, the fight was a straightforward success for the Hebrews and an excellent start to a challenging era up ahead. The beginning of the period of the Judges proper (Othaniel being the first Judge) … Read More

Allotment of the PROMISED LAND | Joshua 13-24; Conquest of Canaan; 12 Tribes Land Division; Israelite Settlements

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Ancient Middle East map, ancient maps, Biblical maps, Allotment PROMISED LAND, Conquest of Canaan, 12 Tribes Land Division, Israelite Settlements, Joshua 13

Bible History – C. 1404-1399 BC   The Allotment of the Promised Land to the Hebrew people has a spiritual, historical and practical purpose. The conquest of Canaan was, for the Israelites one of survivability; they needed a sustainable land to settle as a replacement for the fertile soil of Egypt they had fled from a generation earlier. For God, this … Read More